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Matthew 5:5 KJV
Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Who are the meek and what qualities do they possess that qualifies them to gain access to the blessings and riches of the earth.

Meekness comprises of gentleness, kindness, patience and long-suffering. These are qualities that an individual who is meek possesses. However, these qualities do not totally describe what it means to be meek.

To be meek means to be able to let go of something for the sake of peace, born out of a heart that genuinely loves and fears God. Those who are meek are peacemakers.

For example, Imagine that due to a little argument a colleague intentionally broke the front glass of a car belonging to another colleague, whose dad just happened to be a police officer. That wronged colleague could easily press charges with the added benefit of having his dad in active duty as a police officer, but for the sake of peace, he lets the whole issue go. He wouldn’t be wrong if he pressed charges, but he decided to look at that individual differently and forgive his actions and express meekness by letting the first colleague go even when he was wrong.

It takes a lot of grace to be meek. It is a selfless life that is completely opposed to a life of pride or showoff. It is a Christlike life because meekness is a virtue of Christ. Matthew 11:29

You need to check your life and ask your self if you possess this virtue.

The bible then states that the meek gain automatic qualification to access the blessing and riches of the earth by inheritance.

To inherit means, to gain by right. You don’t need to purchase, fight or struggle for what you’ve already inherited. Its already yours by the right of inheritance, and will be backed up by the judicial system if anyone tries to dispute it.

Therefore, once we express the virtue of meekness in our lives, we automatically qualify to receive the blessings and riches that the earth has to offer. These blessing include the prosperity of the works of our hands, good harvest, all-round favor, fruitfulness, multiplication, tremendous growth in business and family. Etc. We human beings literally live on the earth physically, therefore, everything we do on the earth will be blessed because of the virtue of meekness.

Therefore, check your life today. do you posses this virtue?

If yes, thank the Lord for it and ask God to help you grow even deeper in it. If you don’t possess this virtue ask the Lord to give you this virtue and to work on your heart and help you see people with a heart of love in every situation or circumstance you might find yourself in.

The Lord is waiting for you today to take that deeper step..

God bless you….

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Matthew 5:4 KJV
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

What does it mean to mourn? It means to feel or show sorrow for loss or death of someone or something.

Typically it means to acknowledge the feeling of sorrow for the loss of a dear one.

Sorrow isn’t something people generally like to acknowledge or accept. Most try to block it out by engaging themselves in various activities that will distract the mind from the pain associated with the loss. Such activities might be engaging more in sports, or spending more time at work or almost all day on the television or social media, just to keep the mind blocked from that pain. Others might engage in even worse activities that are negative, such as drinking, taking hard drugs, going into sexual immorality etc, with the same intention of running away and not facing the reality of the pain that came with the loss.

Regardless of whether the activity is negative or not, anything done to block out pain or it’s reality will ultimately draw that individual farther from God who is the only one that can truly bring comfort to those in pain.

Jesus is teaching us in the key Verse above that those who embrace such loss and allow the pain to make them truly mourn are blessed, because by doing so, they will be comforted.

Once you embrace the reality of that loss and allow the pain flow out, instead of blocking it, you open the door for comfort and healing. This helps to keep your heart open to God and helps the Holy Spirit have an open door into your heart to comfort it. But if you block it, you close the door to the Holy Spirit.

If you are going through such today or just realized you’ve been running away from the pain of something that happened in the past. I encourage you to open your heart to Jesus today. He understands that pain and wants to walk with you through it and out of it. Just ask Him now to help you and He will.

God bless you.